RKD proudly boasts the most advanced level of quality headwear on the market. We give you a blank canvas with no boundaries. The most comfortable shapes, are 100% customizable with quality fabrics, supreme embroideries, screen prints, sublimations and embellishments. We are perfectionists that pay attention to the finite details that our competitors are renowned for missing or not caring about. It is these small details that enable us to provide you with a product that is on the next level and superior to any other in the industry. Put our caps next to any one of our competitors and it is easy to see the difference in shape, fit and quality.

RKD is not just about manufacturing supreme quality product, it’s about the overall experience. Our customer intimacy and collaboration model is designed to create complete transparency, a seamless service from start to finish. Our team makes offshore manufacture easy by continually overseeing all facets of the design, product development, manufacture and delivery process ensuring things run as smooth as possible.

Our People

We truly differentiate ourselves by our people. Our founders and employees have been directly involved with the action sports, fashion and lifestyle industries for over 10 years in a range of different capacities allowing us to truly know and understand your customer’s demographic and requirements.

Unlike many of our competitors we believe that it is integral to have a Western, English speaking team actually on the ground in China. This is the only way to truly monitor your product every step of the way.

We are NOT a typical trading company that simply passes on information. We have qualified foreign graphic designers and developers on staff that work very closely with our clients to help properly evaluate your goals and assist in developing your product.

Our friendly and experienced team is literally your eyes and ears on the ground, from start to finish, giving you peace of mind that your order will be delivered on time and to specification.

Workers & Factories

At RKD we do not endorse any unethical treatment of workers and insist that all of our worker’s rights are respected. We do not tolerate any child labor and offer salaries above minimum wage and industry standard. We offer our workers a happy and safe working environment; the majority of our factory staff being long-term employees proves this. This also means that our workers are some of the most skilled and experienced in the industry, allowing us to deliver the refined quality that we are renowned for.


RKD is never just happy with “what works.” We are constantly experimenting with new materials, machine technology, embroidery techniques and printing applications to develop innovative looks and styles. Our manufacturing capabilities give your brand and it’s products a competitive edge. By enabling you to incorporate distinctive technical features into your designs making them more appealing to your perspective buyers.

Gone are the days where you let your manufacturer dictate what is possible. We push the limits to offer our customers the most advanced products on the market today.

Something for Everyone

Our diverse factory network enables us to produce an extensive range of products, which are all compliant to our high quality standards. Our collection offers something for everyone no matter what your requirements are; promotional, sports team apparel or high-end luxury. Whilst RKD is renowned for specializing in the custom manufacture of all types of flat brim caps (stretch, fitted, 5 panel and snapback) we do just about any style including curved brims, truckers, (foam / buckram), beanies, military caps, fedoras etc. You name it, we can do it!

Value for Money

Given the world’s economic climate we have identified that the consumer is looking for extra value from their dollar. RKD gives you that competitive edge to grow your brand’s reputation through exceptional quality and aggressive pricing structures. Put our product next to any of your competitors and you can clearly see that our manufacturing is on a superior level.

A Brand You Can Trust

The RKD label is a statement of quality. It gives your customer confidence that they are purchasing headwear that has been manufactured to the highest standards.

RKD is not just here for a quick buck. We believe in long term business relationships. Once you have tried RKD we guarantee you will find us to be an authentic and trust worthy supplier. Why risk your brand’s reputation on an inferior manufacturer or trading company who’s credentials you are unsure of?

Our rapidly growing world wide brand portfolio shows that our clients are looking for something different, something that no longer exists in the headwear manufacturing industry. What are they looking for? Experience, service, quality and value. No matter your market whether it be Action Sports, Fashion, Music or Apparel, the leading brands are all turning to RKD.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take your brand’s headwear to the next level!

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