What style works for you?

One thing that we get asked a lot is,”What is the most popular style of hat”. This question although it might seem like an easy one to answer is actually a little more complicated  than you would think, read on and i will tell you why.

It is actually easy to tell you that the most popular style of hat is a 6 panel snapback as this is what we do the most volume in.  But is this the right type of cap for your brand?

Brands need to think about the audience they are targeting, i mean there is no point targeting a young teenage kid that is into skateboarding or BMX with a curve brim stretch band style hat. He is just not into that style, he is a 5 panel camp cap or 5 panel snapback kind of guy.

When we are approached by different brands about creating their headwear, we will always go and do some research on them. We need to work out who they are to know exactly what will work for them and their customers.  We check out their website and read about the brand and why it came about, we go through their social network feeds to see what they are posting about and what is getting the best reaction from their loyal followers.

The next move is for us to talk to the client and see what they are envisioning, at the end of the day it is the clients call on what style to go with, we can only give recommendations on what we have researched.  A lot of the time a brand will want to use a specific material for a style but when they get the pricing through they realise this is not in the budget they were hoping, this is when we can come back to the client and offer suggestions for them to be able to reach the look they are trying to achieve whilst still staying in budget, this is a key part of our business as we want to keep the client happy and make sure they get exactly what they want.

So picking the correct style for your brand is crucial to being able to move your hats onto the end consumer.  Just because  the most popular style is what everyone else is using it does not mean that is right for your brand.  Know your brand, know your customers and then you will know which products will work for you.